Profissões (II)

Photography Final Project

Professions that surround me inspired my final photography project. I noticed similarities of workers in my little village in Portugal, to the city I live in, Salzburg. I found three professions in Portugal: the mechanical, the fishmonger and the cheese producer. In Austria, these workers were the baker and the Lederhosenmaker.
The choice came from my curiosity about their work. The professions from Portugal and from where I now live share similarities, and this interested me.
Therefore, the main objective of my work is to get to know and learn more about these professions that I chose, as well as who and how it is practiced.
The common theme I want to portray is the importance of their main working tool- their hands.
Dealing with people who didn’t know me helped to not interfere in their work. As a result, my pictures captured them going about their daily work, easily able to ignore me, and my camera.
It was a really interesting work, with great people teaching me in their own way, as their fabulous hands work.